California based Captain + Stoker Coffee Roasters opened in 2018 with a goal of creating a happy and fulfilled community. Our friends at Captain + Stoker focuses on direct trade specialty coffee and truly cares about the quality and freshness in small batches. When you shop at C + S, you're contributing to something that matters whether it be a specific charity, contributing to an employee's dreams of travel or even funding their origin trips! Origin trips help them not only financially support more farmers and their families but also helps better the C + S team's coffee knowledge and in turn create better coffee for you! Check out Monterey, California's coziest coffee shop with the tastiest coffees!
Owners: Tyler Ellis (Right) and Kelsea Richmond (Left)

Owners: Tyler Ellis (Right) and Kelsea Richmond (Left)

Design: Captain + Stoker's beautiful bag features bright pink side panels for the extra pop of color. Functionality: This bag is a Quad Seal V-Cut (QSV). With a tin tie closure for easy resealing - Captain + Stoker's bag boasts a large opening easy for scooping and pouring coffee. Material: Soft Touch - this material structure adds a smooth, buttery and velvety feel to your coffee packaging.
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Captain + Stoker Coffee Roasters (CA) 12oz bag

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**All photos used with permission from Captain + Stoker Coffee Roasters.

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