Drink Coffee Do Stuff - what began as a mantra in the Swiss Alps during Nick Visconti's (Founder) pro snowboarding days, first opened its' doors in 2017. Since then they have opened three brick and mortar locations all around Tahoe. They also proudly service many wholesale partners with their award winning coffee all throughout California and Nevada. All of their specialty coffee are grown at elevations very similar to that of their roastery. Their roastery is located at a 6,000ft altitude in Lake Tahoe. High altitude roasting consistently roasts coffees that are sweeter and less bitter. Check out some of the most delicious and award winning coffee Lake Tahoe, California has to offer!
Owners: Nick, Brad & Laura.

Owners: Nick, Brad & Laura.

Design: Drink Coffee Do Stuff's simple yet elegant bag design plays with different shades of gray highlighting mountains that ties into the high altitude roasting that they do. The addition of spot-gloss gives their brand and logo a subtle pop on the shelf. Functionality: This bag is a Quad Seal Box Bottom (QSBB) bag style. They utilize a pull tab zipper closure for easy resealing and storing of their coffee. Material: Matte Varnish + Spot-Gloss.
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Drink Coffee Do Stuff (CA) 11oz bag

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**Image Courtesy: Drink Coffee Do Stuff

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