What bag style is trending in the San Francisco, California specialty coffee market? The most popular bag style trending in California's major cities (ex. San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and etc.) is the Quad Seal Box Bottom / Flat Bottom bag style. Why is the Box Bottom / Flat Bottom bag style so popular? This bag style is popularized for its a clean and organized shelf appearance, thanks to its flat bottom. With five panels available for designing, this bag style offers ample space for branding. Its unique look sets your brand apart and elevates your brand, providing a modern touch.
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How does Savor Brands make these bags sustainable? All our paper-free packaging is eligible to participate in our upcycling R+R® Program. Did you know? 🤔 Packaging only accounts for 3% of the total carbon footprint of the coffee supply chain. By providing protective coffee packaging that preserves coffee freshness, we are protecting the coffee supply chain's carbon footprint and ensuring your customers enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible.
Barista introducing the R+R® Box to a customer.

Barista introducing the R+R® Box to a customer.

What is the R+R® Program? R+R® stands for Reprocess & Repurpose. The R+R® Program provides an end of life solution for all paper-free and non-compostable coffee packaging. Your packaging will be upcycled by one of our partners and given a second life.
R+R® Box and ByBlock.

R+R® Box and ByBlock.

Contact the Savor Brands team to learn more on how to bring sustainability to your custom coffee bags!

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