Custom boxes are a great way to elevate your brand experience and make an impactful statement in today's overly saturated retail market. Here are 5 reasons why small businesses should invest in custom boxes with their branded logo:
1. Brand Identity: You can maximize your branding with a custom box as they offer ample surface area for you to integrate your logo and other distinctive brand and design elements. This not only creates a visual impact but also ensures your company stands out in the market. With the uniqueness and customizable nature of boxes, it allows you to create a lasting impression on your end consumers.
Savor Brands' Mele Kalikimaka Box - Closed

Savor Brands' Mele Kalikimaka Box - Closed

2. Tailored Box Dimensions: Here at Savor Brands, you're able to fully customize your box dimensions (down to the millimeter) to fit your desired product. Contact our team and we will work with you to determine the most optimized dimensions for your custom box.
Savor Brands' Mele Kalikimaka Box - Open

Savor Brands' Mele Kalikimaka Box - Open

3. Standout Customization Options: When looking for custom boxes, it is important to conduct research on current trends and analyze your competitors to better market your product and to spark ideas. There are many different box styles, here are a few for example:
  • Auto-Lock Boxes
  • Box Sleeves
  • Mailer Box
  • Pastry Box
Each box style serves a specific purpose. The Savor Brands team is available to help guide you in determining the perfect box style for your product. We provide various customization options that go beyond just box style and dimensions too! Here's a few examples:
  • Spot Gloss: Great for giving certain design elements the extra POP with a glossy finish
  • Hot Stamp: Looking for that extra oomph? Hot Stamp is a perfect option to add a metallic effect and shine to your design
  • Belly Bands: They're a fun way to add additional design elements to your box presentation. If you're planning on selling different SKUs, belly bands are the perfect solution and a very cost effective way to showcase your different products.
  • Interior and Exterior Printing: You're able to print on ALL panels of the box to better showcase your brand elements and storytelling.
Here are 3 more important things to know to get your custom box project started.
Savor Brands' Pono Box

Savor Brand's Pono Box

4. Unboxing Experience: A well thought out box presentation will leave a memorable impression on your end consumers. Boxes are great for any limited-edition or special releases as due to its' rarity; consumers often associate boxes to be a more luxurious feel and can uplift your overall brand presence.
Tradition Coffee Roasters Gift Boxes with Belly Bands in Mailer Box

Tradition Coffee Roasters Gift Boxes with Belly Bands in Mailer Box

5. Market Impact: When you invest in a custom branded box, it will highly influence the preceived value of your product. A meticulously designed, well thought out, and crafted box will exude the presence of a more expensive and quality product.
Savor Live Mailer Box

Savor Live Mailer Box

Custom branded boxes are a fun and cost effective way to change up your packaging game and also add more value to your product. Contact the Savor Brands team to get started on your custom box journey!

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