Did you know packaging plays a huge role in not only attracting customers but also influencing their purchasing decisions. At Savor Brands, we're here to help you in making the best packaging decision possible for your business.

Rotogravure Style Printing

Here are 3 important things every small business owner should know when looking for coffee packaging:

1. The Differences between Rotogravure or Digital Printing:

When looking for coffee packaging, you will often run into Rotogravure and Digital printing. Depending on the scale of your business, one may be a better fit than the other. At Savor Brands we offer both and we will work with you to determine which print process will best fit your needs. Here are some important things to know about the two print processes we offer:
Rotogravure: This is the most stable and cost-effective print process for volume printing.
- Savor Brands' Rotogravure print minimum order quantity is 10,000pcs per SKU - Lead time is 9-11 weeks (inclusive of production + shipping to your door) - You're able to fully customize your bag dimensions down to the millimeter - Copper cylinder plate charges are incurred and number of plates depend on your final design
Digital: This print process provides flexibility and quick turnarounds.
- Savor Brands' Digital print minimum order quantity is 2,000pcs per SKU - Lead time is 5-7 weeks (inclusive of production + shipping to your door) - Although there are FIXED bag dimensions, you are able to print unique and personalized designs without the the worry of cylinder plate charges

2. The Best Packaging for your Coffee has an Aluminum Barrier:

The best packaging is one that protects your coffee from these three factors:
  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Air
Light, Moisture, and Air are known to deteriorate your coffee quality. If any of these factors is introduced to your coffee, it can cause the development of off flavors, spoilage, and even mold growth. It is important that the coffee packaging you choose regardless of bag style has an aluminum barrier. Aluminum is the most protective barrier for your coffee as it blocks out light and does not allow for moisture and air penetration. By having an aluminum barrier, you are not only providing your coffee with great protection but it will also help prolong your coffee shelf life.

3. Important Information to include to comply with FDA Guidelines:

When selling your coffee in a retail setting, it is important to ensure your coffee packaging complies with FDA guidelines. Here are important things to include on your packaging or label:
  • You must indicate Whole Bean Coffee or Ground Coffee
The following needs to be included on the lower 1/3 of your packaging:
  • The phrase: Net Weight or Net Wt.
  • Net weight must be indicated in both ounces and grams

Digital Style Printing

Digital Printer
If you keep these three things in mind when looking for custom coffee packaging, it will ensure no matter what packaging you choose, you will end up with the best and protective packaging for your small business. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get your custom coffee packaging project started today!

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